One Stop Foreign Gateway Solution: #PTE

Right from my childhood I have moved from one metro city to another over India as my father was in airline industry and had to move from one station to another airport. This has made me understand about what is takes to pack your bags and leave everything behind. Things are lot easier when you are moving within the country as you are accustomed to local language, culture and traditions. It will just take few days or weeks to adjust to conditions. But things were completely difficult when I took a major decision to opt for study abroad in USA or UK.I would like to share with you my experience and points which are important to understand if you want to be successful in your mission to get a ticket to foreign land.

One of the golden key to gateway to foreign country is ability to understand, read and write English language. English is universal language and opens up many opportunities for all of us in any field. It is basic requirement when we are applying for any English oriented foreign universities abroad or to when you want to apply for jobs in multinational companies. Most of the visa immigration offices of foreign country require you to give IELTS and TOEFL English proficiency exams to study in their college. I was fortunate that my mother who is English teacher could teach me this language with proficiency but many people fail this exams multiple times and cannot fulfil their dream to study abroad. I think it was more to do with lack of right coaching or mentor with proper guidance to pass the exam.

I feel one should consider Pearson Pearson Test of English Academic as English test option.It is fully authentic and computer based test which help you to test yourself and prepare for exams.You can register quickly to schedule your English Test in over 50 countries around the world and get the results in short period time.One of the major reason for choosing Pearson is recognition from best universities from the worldwide. PTE Academic score range up-to 90 points and based on different English skills in 3 parts and test time is 3 hrs.

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Some of famous university included are-

UK – London School of Economics and Cranfield University

USA – Miami Dade College and California State University

CANADA – Medicine Hat College and Trent University

AUSTRALIA – Bedford College and University of Canberry

NEW ZEALAND – Abacus Institute of Studies and Auckland University of Technology

This test results can be sent to many colleges around the world and accepted for visa migrations too in Australia and New Zealand.

You can go through PTE Preparation Course packages based on your needs and even look free sample questions before the exam.I am sure you will go for #DefinitelyPTE after going through the advantages of it.This course leads to overall English development for the student as it can go through various modes and I will give thumbs up to #DefinitelyPTE .Some of key modes of the preparation course are –

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Second thing before you get ready to pack your suitcase is to adjust to the local climatic conditions and environment. There may be variation in timings and you will suffer from jet lag if you are crossing too many time zones. Proper documentation and physical identity card like passport, driver license etc are must along with their copies to be kept ready with you. Every country has own aspect of culture and religion and you need to abide and respect those at all times. You should remember to continue following your traditions but do not force your belief into local if they are not comfortable with it.You should also explore local sightseeing and places to learn more about the country and mix with local people.

I wish you best of luck for your future!


Sorting E-waste with #CleanUpCashOut

I am a gadget freak and have all sorts of gadgets lying in my room since ages. I have hobby of collecting gadgets since my childhood and have love for all these tech products. People love to have cars and play cricket or interest in another such activities but I have love for computer, hard disk, storage devices and phones. I like the things which can bring revolution in the society and help to reduce the work of mankind. I love to work on things to reduce the workload and make things very cool and simple for all.

Technology and artificial integellence has played a major role in shaping our digital world and helped human race to achieve new heights. I can live with my gadgets for days and still feel unsatisfied leaving them. The computer games and cd which are in huge numbers kept in my table stand and they are so many that even if I play one game at a time then also it will takes months to complete them all. But life moves on and now I have less time to explore all this stuff. After all these years with less time and busy office these gadgets have slowly become less priority for me and I get very less time to explore and play with them. My only gadget which stays with me is the smart phone and laptop. My mother has a habit of cleaning the whole house before diwali and she entered my room to see all these electronics which she calls it as e-waste lying up and down in the room and bunch of wires hanging from the table mat. She was very angry and gave me ultimatum to clean up all this mess or she would pick it herself and give it to the boy who comes to collect the waste. My heart started to shrink on her ultimatum and decided to clean some of the gadgets so that it looks descent and well managed.

I was little bit lazy but decided to explore my room and sort out the gadgets so that so called e-waste could be disposed out. I collected bunch of mobile and laptop chargers which were of no use as the phones have already diet and battery was not available in the market. I brought one big box to keep all this waste in the box and called one of my friend who knew local people who had shop of old electronic gadget. I was surprised to see my old average Sony phone was still able to start up and play some cool song and calls were also possible. I took the mobile aside and then went to one of repairing shop who was also the phone buyer. He took the phone and said that it will fetch me Rs 1000 cash. I could not move and was remembering that this Sony phone had cost me Rs 9000 when I bought it three years back. I came back and put the phone on sale in online site. One of my buyers was interested to buy and gave me offer of Rs 1600 for the device and I thought that it would be good to sell rather than waiting for more depreciation. The deal was done online through a mediator and transaction was done without any hussle.But I was never happy about the price and also was very worried since I was unknown about the buyer background and identity.

This is due to recent news about threats to the society where old mobiles are being used to spread communal violence. I feel all people who are trying to sell their laptop and gadgets must not make a mistake and verify the buyer before selling the product. It could be difficult process and to solve this problem,you can try which is good site where we can sell our gadgets tension free and grab best price for gadgets in cash payment. There is no time and resources waste in finding the buyer and posting the products and all it takes 60 seconds to sell the product on their website. You can chat with them and get the quote instantly. #CleanUpCashOut is the right step to move forward to sort out your e-waste and it is need of the hour.

Do not hesitate to use this coupon code CLEANCASH and get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of gadgets.

Real Magic

In a family we often get bored seeing each other and need a change in life.This is important to be fresh and have some good memories in life.This is possible when we have a planned vacation to a place like a beach or hill.It is best alternative to have a break and enjoy special love moment with family members.It is good way to get out of our normal routine and be a nomad in life.Sometimes we do not even talk and yet we realize each other feelings and expressions.This is the power of love and mutual understanding.It is our heart to heart connection which makes us together.

I am really grateful to my wife for giving unconditional love and support to me. She has brought the family together and gave me some many memorable moments and has made my life very colourful.She has been my strength and given me so much love whenever I cried or felt disturbed in my life. She would give me ride on my shoulder. I remember I was in school when my mother got a fracture in her arm and could not cook for two months. At that time, my wife would cook food for us and then my wife would help him in household chores and taking mom to bathroom. Such memories are just epitome of any relationship in life.

I have also made an effort to share the work with her and help her to do things like gardening or making cup of tea and other small tasks which can help and reduce workload.The task like cleaning the room or sweeping the floor or laundry seem to be very easy to look in nature but in reality it seems and my wife do get tired.I think I have understood her issues about it and doing all sort of thing to make her life better.This is my way to contribute or share the magic of warmth with her.Another way of expressing my love for her is to give her freedom to express her thoughts and live her life according to herself.I think we all need time where we can follow our interests and by doing this she will be more happy.I do not want her passion and interest should be left behind at any stage and she should not restrict herself to just be a homemaker.As a husband I am hoping my gesture would help her and get her the warmth she need in her life and it would surely pass on our children.

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Strong Relationship

There is nothing more I want in my life now as my wife has completed my life and she has taken the center stage to warm my heart and soul.I am really pleased to have someone who really understands me without even uttering a single word.I have spent the best and great memorable of my life together with my wife. There is so fun and frolic when she is close to me. She takes care of me and gives me support in every decision of my life whether it is personal or professional. I feel obliged to my wife who has taken care of my and celebrated so many moments with me together. My wife gave me so many gifts and we went to various places across the country in past few years having a great time together. She has been my strength and given me so much love whenever I cried or felt disturbed in my life.Our love story is about love and passion for each other.

I am truly blessed to have my wife in life and she calls me every few hours and asks me about my health. She gives me important advice and is like my friend. I can share with her my feelings and emotions and her ideas and words always keeps me fresh and energetic. Life is incomplete without my wife. I am lucky to have my wife with me to support me and fulfill my wishes and teach me good things in life.

I think her support helped me in different times and quality time spend with them is indeed best time of my life. The best thing to learn from her is to stay calm and compose in all situations. She always tries to move ahead and find ways to cheer me and encourage living a healthy life. In order to fight boredom in life, we try to enjoy each other company together and develop strong bonding and trust for each other. We take up wild trips to unusual places and this change in environment helps to stay positive in long run.

She has been standing with me in both good and worst times and helping me out in all ways gives me confidence and motivation to life an easy life. I would consider her my hero and I can proudly say that she is the best wife in this whole world. I am thankful to my wife who gave me freedom throughout my life and had trust in me.

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Strong Heart at Stake

We have got so much change in last few years in field of medicine and technology.It is felt from the fact that that people don’t care about their health and only matter about it when they feel ill and suffer from health problem.We have got over the traditional house made remedies and depend a lot to doctors.

Doctors will say that a balanced diet is very much important in a world like today`s to live with a healthy heart. There are a lot of things in the market which degrades our health and weakens the heart, these food stocks seem very much tasty but they are not good for the health. We commonly call these things as the junk food. A special advice to all who are generally more involved in eating junk food as it seems more tastier and cool in their language is very much harmful specially to them as their body is in the growing stage and at this stage of life it is very important for them to eat healthy food so that the nutrient requirement of the body can be fulfilled.Junk food leads to increasing fat in the body. It also makes the body to feel sleepy all throughout the day. Many nutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats are very much important for the body as they are needed for the development of the body. Junk foods which teens eat lack in these nutrients and so make the body deficient which leads improper health and increasing diseases in the body. I hope you would have understood the importance of balanced diet to live a healthy life with healthy heart now.Fried and roasted things should be avoided as far as possible because they have a large quantity of oil stored in them and affects a lot to your heart.

Three things which affect our heart in the worst way are the alcohol effect,tobacco and other supplemental drug.We all know the added addiction to it when people consume these products.This could lead to temporary arousal but not the right core to get the life solution and other problems.It weakens the heart and make its heart bate in varying form.You should get the sports shoes and start a little race to the park pole or up to a good radius on regulat interval.You need to be very much active and positive in this whole progress.Your heart needs your support and co-ordination and if you listen to your heart then things will be truly better in coming days.

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#ChhoteKadam for Health

Good health is considered as basic factor for everyone and it tells about whether the person is happy or not in many ways.I see happiness in my self when the atmosphere in the house becomes very light and joyful and it makes my heart happy deep from inside.My heart is more happy when my child smiles and plays with me.

We see lack of fitness and rising health and heart problems and as per study it is found that in modern era we are more engaged to technology and tools which give us less time to think about ourselves and our physical activity is reducing day by day.We are secure to see us more connected to gadgets and have less time to connect with real people. The effects can be seen as parks and public gardens are empty these days and hardly have we see anyone playing or doing outdoor activity. This is one of the factors which can lead to health problems related to heart.There is so less amount of physical activity which can lead to more fat and obesity.It can be deadly combination if we continue out intake junk food on regular basis as well. There is no one who could save you in such cases of activity where heart would have negative effect in coming days of future.

Another important aspect for good heart is role of optimism and positive attitude which is must for all in given scenario.If we are not happy from inside it will reflect on our face and body posture.Our working will be negative and approach would be rude and aggressive.We would end up in taking extreme steps or have lot of alcohol and other banned drugs harmful for body mechanism and affecting heart.Hence it is often said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and so I would like to advise you all to have healthy heart.You should have a regular health check up and heart beat measurement so that you know about your heart.

You must be not emotionless and show respect and emotions for other.You have to get some mission in life so that to live a peaceful life.Your heart monitors you continuously and your action can give a good or worst heart beat.So you should be sensitive too.You must think before about your heart and family as bad addiction can make you loose control and life in some cases.You should not take your body for granted at any cost.

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Honest Advice

Dreaming is the best thing that can move life ahead. It is also like a disease which when infected can either lead a person to the top charts or can also ruin the life of a person by making him move on the wrong path. So, before learning to fulfill the dreams I would recommend you all to first give stress on choosing you dreams and then selecting the path that will take you to your dream. Most important thing in life is to follow the right path rather than achieving things in life.

You must be wondering why I am telling you this. This is because I was also a victim of this disease. I was felt so badly that I chose a very bad path which I would not like to share with you. Next, I would like to move on to tips on how to achieve the dream. When you have chosen the dream and also know the path or the actions that you need to do to have the dream completed the next thing which you need is the fuel to move on that path. That fuel is the motivation which keeps you full of energy and drives you on the path. Now, motivation may be external through mentors, friends or may be through things. It is really good to get motivated from outside but then the best type of motivation is internal motivation. It really takes time to get motivated from within but when you are really motivated from inside then there is nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving what you want.

It is really an advice to start things in a group if you are a beginner or not mature enough to know how to make the work happen.  Working in group makes the decision making efficient because then you don’t act lazy but rather in group the work load gets distributed and the work gets done easily and perfectly. On the way to achieve your dream there are many things or rather problems that will restrict you it will also test you but then you will realize it was all the matter of time as when the time changes everything will turn to your side. Life will be easy then and you will feel like the happiest person in the entire world.

Hope you liked it and I would like to wish you all the best so that every one of you would be able to achieve the dream that you wish for. Thanks for reading, Have a nice day.

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Clean and Right Advice

Dreams are something everyone is curious of. Everyone has a dream but only few are able to fulfill them by their actions. I find myself lucky that I was able to achieve my dream. Today, I would like to share my experience with every one of you so that some may get enlighten or rather feel motivated to move ahead on their path to achieve their dream. It was the time when I was used to play football in the streets. I was eleven years old. Everybody used to say that I was good at it but for me it was a matter of controlling the ball. Days passed like those and I remained playing for them. I didn’t belong to a very upper class rich family but one thing I know was that I loved to play my game. 

One day, I was playing in the ground which was the only available to us. For the first time, we had some spectators but this did not bother me. I was on my own playing the best game yet. I was on a hat trick and people were cheering for me. We won the match by 4-0. After the match a man in the suit came to me. He offered me to come to England and play for his club. I felt amazing as someone just offered me a professional career in the thing I loved the most. I was just 17 and it made me feel great. I was still a child and unknown to the great way that life was leading me too.

I went their sponsored by that man. But life didn’t take me like the way I expected. I was full of enthusiasm but the pace of players in the clubs was far better than me. I had the skills and a great ball control but I cannot win over them. I felt disheartened and also decided to go back home. But when I was leaving, one of my club friends who were the main player came to me running and said to come with him. I had to listen to him, and so I went with him. He took me to the main stadium, where we had the match in next week. He told me that the manager of the team has selected me for playing squad and I had to play in this ground supporting my team. My eyes felt wide open seeing the over 50,000 capacity of ground and the green grass that inspired me. I cannot stop me and returned to the training session. I worked out for a month and then we had another match in that stadium. I scored a hat-trick and then my name was on the hall.

This was my story which took me to success. The key ingredient that I have learnt in my life is to give a chance to approaching opportunities and never say NO to a real chance. Problems come and they go but what remain is you.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”

Awareness about Income Tax

Income tax payment is very important duty of every citizen of this country. It is directed directly to government and help in shaping the country and its growth. Our future generation and its policies are inclined to be part of our taxes which are used for providing better infrastructure in the future. Income tax payment has so many advantages and can make a country richer and make it stronger. Social welfare of people and various public sector undertakings are started by government with help of tax. Payment of income tax shows the character of the citizen who is very much inclined to pay taxes to government and country development. Income tax payment also sometimes helps to get refund back in form of rebate which is directly processed in the bank of account holder.

There is no way a person can skip from paying income tax and if found guilty then it can lead to court trial and punishment. There is change in systems and exiling is being preferred by majority of the population. It is a systematic process and very much organized to save our time and money which we often pay to third party person. Income tax filing is made easy as people could not pay taxes on time as old system was very traditional and had lot of paper filing work which could disturb their daily routine and all work had to be delayed. This problem was taken care and efiling system was introduced.

Income tax efiling is very beneficial as we can easily apply for bank loans and government tenders. It is also required when we want to visit foreign country for business or official trip. If we are starting own business then also income tax return paper helps in securing financial funding and also act as valid document for showing our income records to claim to accidental insurance. Life is much easy if we pay our taxes on time and support government in this cause to make India better.

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File IT returns

Income tax in simple words is the tax to be paid to government on income earned. It is to be filed with the authorities every year as per the money earned. The money through the income tax is used government for running the country. This money is circulated back and used to develop various projects. It is also used in education and other fields like transportation and infrastructure. Government pay salary to their employees who work for providing various services to their citizens. It is used to fund various healthcares and defence operations. We have seen government using the fund for purpose of natural calamities and funding such projects which require relief and rescue operations. Government launch of new projects related to sanitation or girl education or arm forces needs huge amount of funding which can be possible only when we pay our tax on time.

Tax authorities are vigilant now days and can have record of every financial transaction or check the statement with help of using Pan Card details. It is not a very difficult thing to track and find out about the money flow through use of technology and systems. Those days are now over when people used to hide money or have black money without any records or receipt. People used to take undue advantage of government policies and avoid paying extra tax. Government has now started to act strict and strong legal action is taken by officials if found case of non payment of tax. Please be aware that 31st July is last date for payment of taxes now.

You can pay and file your income tax return online and it is smile system. All transaction is done in digital format and stored in electronic form. It also has good security features and you need to login in secure format. This saves you from unauthorized access from others. You must file income tax return so that you can easily avail loan from bank and also it is useful in visa permission.

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